In 2019 a real tank was restored for Tankfest .
The brief was to think and produce key art and video to promot this tank.

As it is a real tank, I searched details about his history and found a great story behind it.
Based on it, the team established a timeline of historical event and 

proposed a communication about the genesis of the tank.

We produced key, art assets and goodies link to the animated video.
Project Manager: Talya Içel
lead artist: Julian Berg

Concept Development: Frederic Le Martelot
Production animation: Julian Berg, Frederic Le Martelot
Production keyart: Julian Berg
Goodies Design: Frederic Le Martelot
Branding design: Georgios Skodras
Animated Video
French Version
Actor: Taric MEHANI
Voice director: Stéphane BOLLAERT
English version
Actor: Mike FEDEE
Voice director: Doug RAND
German version
Actor: Florian WESTERHOFF
Voice director: Werner KOLK
Casting and project management : Mélisande GIRARD
Language consultant: Marie-Emilie Patin-Gusak
Music: Olivier RABAT
Sound effects and sound engineer: Laurent NAWAWI
Audio production: Laurence LEFEVRE
Team and technical facilities: Keywords Studios France
Animation: Romain De Santi

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