World of Tanks: Tankfest 2019

Tankfest 2019 is an annual event organized by the Tank Museum in Bovington UK and sponsored by World of Tanks. This year one of the special guests of Tankfest was the historic German WWII Panther tank which was restored by Musée des Blindées of Saumur by the help of World of Tanks. We have worked on a 360-marketing campaign around the extraordinary story of the Panther assisting the liberation of France.

DML – Wargaming EU
Project Manager: Talya Icel
Creative Director: Ali Dogramaci
Illustration Team Lead: George Skodras
Senior Illustrator: Julian Berg
Illustrator: Frederic Le Martelot
Illustrator: Mathieu Boyer

Animated Video

French Version
Actor: Taric MEHANI
Voice director: Stéphane BOLLAERT

English version
Actor: Mike FEDEE
Voice director: Doug RAND

German version
Actor: Florian WESTERHOFF
Voice director: Werner KOLK

Casting and project management : Mélisande GIRARD
Language consultant: Marie-Emilie Patin-Gusak
Music: Olivier RABAT
Sound effects and sound engineer: Laurent NAWAWI
Audio production: Laurence LEFEVRE
Team and technical facilities: Keywords Studios France
Animation: Romain De Santi

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